Vending Machine Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes 12 Pack 3.46"X1.53"X1.53"

SKU: HM1928 - Vending Machine
$18.99 $23.99
By Hammont

Introducing our exciting Vending Machine Candy Boxes! These unique and interactive candy boxes are designed to resemble a mini vending machine, adding an element of fun and nostalgia to your event.

Each pack includes 12 vending machine-shaped candy boxes, measuring approximately 3.46" in height, 1.53" in width, and 1.53" in depth. The compact size makes them perfect for holding small candies or treats, such as gumballs, M&M's.

What sets these candy boxes apart is their interactive feature - a turning knob that actually dispenses the candy inside! Simply twist the knob, and watch as your chosen treat drops down from the bottom compartment. It's a delightful surprise for your guests and adds an extra level of excitement to any party or celebration.

These candy boxes are not only a fun and unique party favor, but they also make for eye-catching table decorations. You can place them as a centerpiece or distribute them among your guests for an interactive candy experience.

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a carnival-themed event, or simply want to add some whimsy to your gathering, these Vending Machine Candy Boxes are sure to be a hit. Grab a pack today and let the candy-filled fun begin!