Mini Gumball Machines 6 Pack Small

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By Hammont

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A TIMELESS CLASSIC: See your child’s eyes light up when they come across their very own candy dispensing machine. 5” tall, it works perfectly to store and dispense small candies for your kids and you too. After all, gumballs are for everyone!

SAFETY FIRST: This coinless gumball machine is built from high-quality, non-toxic, and durable material. Add treats and forget about it. The old-school bubble gum machine is the new, cool way to snack.

THRILL OF THE GAME: Fill up the gumball machine with everything from gumballs, candies, chocolates, and more. And as you turn on the knob, a random candy falls out. No one can tell which one. As long as there is candy in the gumball machine, the fun doesn’t stop.

CENTER OF ATTENTION: The vibrant colors of the gumball machine catch the eye of everyone in the room. Their vintage design adds character to any space. So, it also doubles up as a rather eclectic decoration for your desk and kitchen tops too.

A BRILLIANT GIFT: Whether you are creating a gift basket or looking for party favors, this is it! Gumball machines evoke instant happiness in kids and nostalgia in adults.

Product Description

Who doesn’t like gumball machines? The answer is no one! Everyone – kids and grownups – everyone likes gumball machines.

They are so colorful, store your favorite candy, and add an interesting dimension to any room they are placed in. Wouldn’t you like to sit on a dining table with a gumball machine with M&Ms in it or a bedroom with a gumball machine filled with gummy bears, or a kitchen counter with a gumball machine with nougats? You get the drift.

Installing a miniature gumball machine in the house for your child fulfills their ultimate dream. With a single candy coming out each time, you do not have to worry about them overeating. It is much better than giving them a box of candies.

Our gumball machine is designed to look vintage, be colorful, and completely safe. Their material is safe to store food. Moreover, you can turn the knob and churn out thousands of candies, and the gumball machine will keep going strong.

These vintage and classic machines are the perfect little present to give to anyone. They also make great party favors. The mini machines fit in any goodie bag. Fill them up with candy and watch kids and adults squirm with happiness.

And you cannot miss out on the opportunity of make them a part of your room’s décor. They are stunning!

So, when are you bringing this pure joy home?