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About Wooden Boards and Trays

Designed to be used for serving as well as home décor nesting sets and quality serving pieces are versatile and aesthetic. Wooden trays make a beautiful, useful, and practical gift. For those that appreciate fine craftsmanship and hosting.
Trays and boards are perfect for party platters, Charcuterie, and artful dinner plating. Tray sets are the perfect addition to Montessori play stations as well as a base for creative DIY projects. Ideal for their easy nesting storage and available in multiple sizes and finishes choose one that will enhance your kitchen prep and home or read our buying guide below.

Why use a Wood cutting board?

Wood and bamboo cutting boards are generally preferred by both chefs and home cooks alike because they are: Effortlessly cleaned, easy on knife blades and naturally antibacterial-particularly Bamboo. Wooden boards prep to table ease are a huge advantage. Think of it as having all the advantages of oven to tableware but far trendier and more appealing. Not only are wood cutting boards functional, but they are also aesthetically pleasing as wood adds natural warmth and beauty to any kitchen.

If you are looking to create a clutter free appearance in your kitchen, a wood cutting board or two can help you achieve that goal as they are counter décor that work for you! 

wood cutting boards are quality kitchen tools but are not to be stored until
used. Display them as statement décor pieces in your home as well as the star
or your tablescapes!

How to Choose a wood board or tray:

Wooden trays are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs. Here are some design features and factors to consider when shopping for your ideal tray or board:

Shape and size: square and rectangular boards are a timeless choice. They are easy to stack, store and give a streamlined look. Some board feature built-in handles for easy grip and utility. 

Color: natural wood grain is the most popular choice. Wood tones are natural blend well with any color scheme and can give a traditional and modern look. As a natural color it can be stylized to match any party theme or home feel. Stained wood  has a rich look and can be a good choice when looking to create a certain vibe.

Material: Solid wood is a durable and decorative option. Oak wood has a unique finish and bamboo block is the chef’s preferred ultimate kitchen tool.

Order a Set to try All Sizes 

Gift sets offer a range of sizes. This way you can use wooden trays for all areas of your home. It ensures you are giving a gift that will be sure to be used well. The range of choices allows you to mix and match and create a fluid
and streamlined look throughout the kitchen, dining, playroom and living room. Different sizes are ideal as catch all tray, coffee tale pieces, and armoire storage. This gives the home a neat and polished finish by reiterating the same tones throughout each room.  Making wooden trays an ideal gift for the aspiring home chef, or hostess. Its neutral looks meet most people’s taste and therefore makes a great housewarming or hostess gift.

What Is the Difference Between Wood and Plastic Boards?

The main benefit is natural wood oak and bamboo are plastic free and
eco-friendly. Which saves forests.

Reduces greenhouse emissions.

Lowers your carbon footprint.

And lasts a lifetime.

It’s the responsible thing to do for our planet .

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What DIY projects can you make with wooden trays?

Here are just a few:

Serving Tray Makeover: you can give it a fresh new look with some paint and
stencils. Start by sanding the surface of the tray lightly to create a better
surface for the paint to adhere to. Then, paint the tray in a color of your
choice. Once the paint is dry, use stencils to add a design or pattern to the
surface of the tray. This is a great way to add a custom touch to a piece.

Herb Garden: A wooden tray can be transformed into a mini herb garden that
can be placed on a windowsill or kitchen countertop. Start by lining the tray
with plastic to protect the wood from moisture. Fill the tray with potting soil
and plant herbs such as basil, thyme, or parsley.

Jewelry Tray: A wooden tray can be turned into a chic and functional jewelry
tray. Simply paint the tray in a color that matches your décor and then add
small hooks or knobs to hold necklaces and bracelets.

Decorative Display: A wooden tray can be used to create a decorative display
of items such as seashells, candles, or small plants. Start by adding a layer
of decorative sand or pebbles to the bottom of the tray. Then, arrange your
items on top of the sand or pebbles. You can also add small LED lights to the
display to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Chalkboard Tray: A wooden tray can be transformed into a fun and functional
chalkboard tray. Start by painting the tray with chalkboard paint. Once the
paint is dry, use chalk to add a message or design to the surface of the tray.
This is a great way to add a personal touch to a party or event by labeling
food items or creating messages.


What trays are best for organizing?

When it comes to organizing, there are several types of wooden trays that have dividers they can be
used for all areas of the home here are some ideas:

Drawer trays:
These are perfect for organizing smaller items in drawers, such as office
supplies, jewelry, or makeup.

Kitchen trays:
These can be used to organize everything from spices countertop grab and
go candies chocolates. utensils

Vanity trays:
These can be used to organize beauty products, perfumes, and jewelry.

Closet trays:
Use these to organize accessories, such as belts, scarves, and hats.

Desk trays:
These are great for organizing papers, mail, and other office supplies.

When choosing a tray for organizing, look for one that is sturdy and has
compartments or dividers to help keep items separated and easy to find. Also, consider the size of the tray and make sure it will fit in the space where you plan to use it.

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