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About Clear Premium Gift Boxes

Designed to be used for gifting party planning as well as home decorating and organizing, acrylic gift boxes are very useful. Square clear gift boxes are the gift packaging choice that is a gift. It can be reused and repurposed in so many ways, truly a gift that keeps on giving. Themed acrylic candy boxes are a great addition to birthday parties and can be filled to match any event's theme. Clear boxes with lids are a super practical option for seasonal storage and are available in a huge range of sizes to maximize your space. Acrylic is a sturdy and clean material making it a great base for craft projects and DIY. Select a pack that suits your event or read our buying guide below.

Is acrylic better than plastic?

Due to its incredible durability, acrylic can be used over a broad temperature range and has superior weather resistance compared to glass and other forms of plastic. Acrylic boxes have grown in popularity and are commonly used by architects, designers, and interior decorators to liven up people's homes and offices with creative and modern looking spaces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

Its crystal-clear color makes a home look clean and neat. Acrylic boxes are both functional and decorative and have the bonus of keeping your essentials visible and in easy reach. 

Consider gifting baked goods candies and chocolates in a plastic cube box this way the receiver can reuse it afterwards for display and recycle it for other home purposes.

How to choose an acrylic gift box?

Acrylic boxes are available in a wide range of sizes to neatly package any kind or gift or store and display all kinds of items. Here are the two main factors to consider when choosing a display gift box:

Shape: square and rectangular boxes work well together or as standalone statement pieces. Custom shapes add a fun addition to tablescapes and desktops, as party favors and paperweights.

SIZE: big clear gift boxes are great for gifting bulky gifts and presenting large items you want to display prominently such as trophies or antiques, keeping them safe from the environment without covering them up. Small and narrow gift boxes are very practical as they help maximize space and declutter.

To create an organized closet, go for a large pack in the same shape to weave a common thread throughout the space. 

The main benefit of using clear plastic gift boxes their reusable nature: 

When you use acrylic gift packaging rest assured it will be repurposed and reused again and again:

This produces less waste than traditional packaging which goes straight to landfills if not recycled. Reusables are eco-friendlier and greater for the environment.  

It also creates an everlasting momentum that is remembered long after the chocolates are gone.

How can you reuse a plastic gift box?



  1. Acrylic Box Terrarium: Transform an acrylic box into a miniature indoor garden by filling it with soil, rocks, and small plants. You can also add decorative elements like fairy lights, moss, and figurines to create a whimsical terrarium.
  2. Acrylic Box Wall Art: Create a unique wall art piece by painting or decoupaging an acrylic box with different patterns, images, or colors. Once it's decorated, you can hang it on the wall and use it as a statement piece.
  3. Acrylic Box Shadow Box: Create a personalized shadow box using an acrylic box by filling it with meaningful items such as photos, postcards, small trinkets, and memorabilia. You can then hang it on the wall or place it on a tabletop as a keepsake.


When it comes to organizing acrylic boxes with sections is a practical and aesthetic choice. 

To create a clutter free zone in your home or office acrylic sectional boxes can help you achieve your goal while keeping things visible and accessible and neat.  here are some ideas to make use of clear boxes in every space: 

  1. Small squares: These are perfect for organizing smaller items in drawers, such as office supplies, jewelry, or makeup.
  2. Tall rectangles: These can be used to organize everything from spices, countertop grab and go candies chocolates. utensils
  3. Round boxes: These can be used to organize beauty products, perfumes, and jewelry.
  4. Long rectangle: These are great for organizing papers, mail, and other office supplies.

When choosing an acrylic storage box consider your space and opt for ones that have special features to keep your items safe and tidy such as covers and sections.

Clear Acrylic Boxes Round 2.75"X3.75" 12 Pack