Upsherin Candy Boxes 18 Pack 4.5" X 3.75" X 2.25"

SKU: CB-55-Upsherin
By Hammont

Introducing our Upsherin Candy Boxes, available in a convenient 18-pack size. These candy boxes are specially designed for Upsherin celebrations.

Each candy box measures 4.5 inches by 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches, providing ample space for sweet treats and small gifts. The boxes are thoughtfully designed with any theme in mind in neutral colors.

These candy boxes are perfect for distributing sweets and treats to guests at Upsherin parties. Fill them with candies, chocolates, nuts, or any other delectable treats that match the celebration's theme. The boxes can also be used to present birthday gifts .

With their sturdy construction, these candy boxes ensure that the treats remain secure and intact during transport and distribution. They are easy to assemble and feature a secure closure, keeping the contents safe until they are ready to be enjoyed.

The Upsherin Candy Boxes are a delightful addition to any Upsherin celebration, creating a festive atmosphere and providing a sweet and memorable experience for guests. Order the 18-pack today and make your Upsherin event even more special with these charming candy boxes.