Plastic Gift Boxes Brown 7.5X3.75X2.5" 6 Pack Bakery Boxes With Base Lid & Ribbon

SKU: HM1663 Brown
$15.00 $20.99
By Hammont

The elegant Clear Plastic Gift Box : a versatile solution that doubles as a stylish Bakery Box! Designed with perfection in mind, this box comes complete with a base, lid and an elegant ribbon, all in a trendy and classy brown hue. Its dimensions of 7.5X3.75X2.5" make it the ideal fit for showcasing delectable pastries or presenting any precious gift.

Crafted from high-quality clear plastic, this gift box provides a crystal-clear view, allowing the recipient to marvel at the delightful treats or cherished surprises inside. Its transparent nature enhances the anticipation and excitement, creating an irresistible allure.

Versatility is at the core of this exceptional gift box. As a bakery box, it flawlessly accommodates a variety of pastries, from tantalizing cupcakes to delicate macarons, ensuring they are impeccably presented for any special occasion or sweet indulgence. Alternatively, unleash your creativity and utilize this box for gifting purposes.

The included base, lid and ribbon elevate the aesthetic appeal to new heights. The ribbon adds a touch of sophistication, making it a gift option for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration where an air of refined elegance is desired. The trendy, classy brown hue exudes a sense of warmth and richness, effortlessly enhancing the visual appeal and charm of the gift box.

Not only does this Clear Plastic Gift Box possess unparalleled style, but it also boasts exceptional functionality. The sturdy construction ensures durability and security, allowing you to transport your delectable treats or treasured gifts with confidence. The easy-to-use lid ensures quick access while keeping the contents intact and protected.

Embrace the beauty of transparency and showcase your baked delights or special gifts in our Clear Plastic Gift Box: 6 Pack. With its impressive dimensions, elegant ribbon, and trendy brown accents, this box exudes class and sophistication while providing the perfect platform for your culinary creations or carefully selected surprises. Make a lasting impression and bring joy to every occasion with this truly unique gift box.