Clear Acrylic Boxes Round 2.25"X3.5" 12 Pack

SKU: HM1818 Small Acrylic Boxes
By Hammont

Introducing our Clear Acrylic Boxes Round 12-Pack, each measuring 2.25" x 3.5". These versatile round boxes are perfect for bathroom vanity counter tops, desktop organization, and as gift boxes for small prizes.

Crafted from high-quality clear acrylic, these round boxes offer excellent transparency and durability. The sleek design and smooth edges make them an attractive addition to any space. Place them on your bathroom vanity to store and organize small items like cotton balls, Q-tips, or hair accessories. Use them on your desktop to keep paper clips, push pins, or other office supplies within easy reach. You can also utilize them as gift boxes for small prizes, adding an elegant touch to your giveaways.

The 12-pack ensures you have plenty of these round acrylic boxes to cater to your organization and gifting needs. Their compact size makes them versatile and easy to place in any area. The transparent design allows you to easily view the contents, making it effortless to find what you need. Keep your space tidy and organized while adding a touch of sophistication with these clear acrylic round boxes.

Experience the convenience and elegance of our Clear Acrylic Boxes Round 12-Pack. Whether you're looking to enhance your bathroom, keep your desk clutter-free, or elevate your small prize giveaways, these round boxes are the perfect solution. Their durable construction and versatile design make them a valuable addition to your home, office, or event planning needs.