Wooden Tray with 5 Sections 3 Pack Platters 8”x8”x1.22"

SKU: HM1363
By Hammont

Each solid wooden tray looks unique due to its natural raw wood material patterns. It showcases intricate grains and textures, celebrating the inherent elegance of nature's design. Elevate your décor with a touch of rustic charm, as the warmth and character of the wood infuse your space with  authenticity.
These natural and beautifully designed wooden food trays for party buffet can be used in every corner of your home sectioned wood grain serving trays are the perfect choice as a chip and dip platter, a  divided serving tray for appetizers and snacks or a veggie platter. Fill the tray with dried fruits, nuts, chocolates and sweets and experience an instant upgrade to whatever you may be serving.

Not only ideal for serving, these sectioned trays are also a versatile foundation for
Montessori activities and a wide array of artistic endeavors, allowing your
imagination to flourish. Unleash your inner artist as you transform these trays
into personalized masterpieces, adding a touch of your creativity to every
corner of your home. Sturdy and reliable, our serving trays are easy to store, easy to use and easy to love. Gift it to your neighbor, friend co-worker, mother or even to yourself.