Bamboo Cutting Board Tray Eco Friendly Kitchen Gadget Wooden Serving Trays for Meat, Vegetables, Cheese and Charcuterie Board 2 Pack of Bamboo Cutting Boards for Home and Kitchen Essentials

SKU: HM1355
$24.50 $48.99
By Hammont

THE PERFECT SIZE: Our Bamboo cutting and serving board measures 18x18x0.5 inches (45.72 X 45.72 X1.27 cm) The perfect size to cut a generous amount of food, and small enough for easy portability. The bamboo cutting board is light weight, yet sturdy on flat surfaces. The quality bamboo wood ensures no chipping.

HIGH-QUALITY SERVING TRAYS: Unlike some other serving trays, our bamboo wood trays are made of premium high quality bamboo wood, to ensure durability and stability; the material is environment-friendly which adds a natural and elegant touch to any room.

MULTI FUNCTIONAL: These chopping boards can be used to slice almost anything. Use it as meat cutting board,  a cheese board, a bread board, for fruits, vegetables, a big bulky watermelon or a small crispy onion. When you’re finished cutting simply arrange nicely and use it has a serving tray in any themed setting display.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: The ottoman tray is designed beautifully and will surely add to your kitchen décor. It has a smooth finish which prevents scratches and doesn’t make your knife dull. It matches any themed décor and will even add to your kitchen décor by simply being on your counter top. The elegant raw and natural look with enhance your food presentation instantly. It also has round edges and a slight cutout to comfortably place your hand.

SKIP THE MESS: Keep your countertop clean with the built-in groove edges around the board. It catches excess juice and makes your clean up job that much easier. After use, simply rinse with soap and water and as easy as that you’re ready to dice the next dish. And that’s it, you’ve found your new kitchen essentials.


Hammont’s Wooden Serving Tray and cutting board is the perfect choice to elegantly display your home décor, breads, meats, cheese, pastries, dried fruit, and anything else you can think of! This simple and natural style can bring a decorative touch to any space. The cutting board and serving tray can be matched with any tableware to create a perfect home decoration. Whether it's a housewarming gift,  New house essentials gift, wedding gift, for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas, this premium quality bamboo wood tray is the best gift choice! These non-toxic bamboo trays will enhance your appetizers to a whole new level and communicate to your friends that you’ve got class!