Tin Can Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes 24 Pack 2.63"X1.65"

By Hammont

Introducing our Tin Can Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes, a delightful and versatile addition to any party or event. This pack includes 24 tin can box-shaped candy boxes, each measuring 2.63" in diameter and 1.65" in height.

These candy boxes are crafted with precision using high-quality acrylic material, providing a durable and transparent container for your treats. The tin can box shape adds a playful and nostalgic touch, making them perfect for kids' parties, change banks, party favors, or even creative DIY projects.

With their compact size, these candy boxes can hold a variety of small treats such as candies, chocolates, gumballs, or coins. Their clear construction allows the contents to be easily seen, adding excitement and anticipation for the little ones.

Assembly is simple and fun. Just twist off the removable lid to fill the candy box with your desired treats or treasures. The snug fit ensures that the contents are securely stored and protected, making them ideal for storing loose change or small toys.

Not only are these candy boxes practical, but they also serve as an interactive and engaging activity for kids. Let them customize and decorate their own tin can boxes with stickers, markers, or paint to add a personal touch and unleash their creativity.

Whether you're hosting a themed party, organizing a change collection activity, or looking for unique party favors, our Tin Can Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes are the perfect choice. Order your pack of 24 today and create memorable moments filled with sweetness and joy.