Red and White Checkered Tablecloths 8 Pack

By Hammont

Red and white checkered tablecloth is decorative accessories which are highly used to decorate the tables at home, special events and wedding time. The tablecloths are used to decorate the table to give the gorgeous view for visitors. Create a nice table setting for your next party or get-together with our Picnic themed table covers. Make a statement with these red and white checkered tablecloths which are sure to complement your party dinnerware.

With a Picnic theme of patriotic fun, a table can be dressed in our tablecloth on a bright background colors. When you use this checkered tablecloth, the theme begins to come alive. They're disposable and affordable, much cost saving. Avoid laundry, saving water and detergent, protect the eco.


  • Red and White Checkered Tablecloths
  • Disposable and premium quality material
  • Size: 54" x 108" inches
  • Red and white colors
  • Traditional tablecloth
  • Pack of 8