Wooden Nested Serving Trays Five Piece Set Round

SKU: 1347- Round Trays
By Hammont

Introducing our Wooden Nested Serving Trays Five Piece Set, featuring round trays in various sizes. This set includes the following dimensions:

  1. Tray 1: 15.75" diameter x 1.6" height
  2. Tray 2: 14.75" diameter x 1.5" height
  3. Tray 3: 13.75" diameter x 1.4" height
  4. Tray 4: 12.5" diameter x 1.3" height
  5. Tray 5: 11.5" diameter x 1.2" height

Crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable wood, these serving trays are not only practical but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. The rustic design adds a touch of natural elegance to any setting, making them suitable for various decor styles.

These trays are versatile and can serve multiple purposes. Use them as serving dishes for a wide range of culinary delights, including appetizers, desserts, fruits, or even as charcuterie boards. The raised edges help contain food items and prevent spills, making them ideal for serving and entertaining guests.

In addition to their functionality, these trays can be used for creative DIY projects. Their smooth and flat surfaces provide the perfect canvas for resin pours, allowing you to create unique and artistic designs. You can also use them as display trays to showcase decorative items, candles, or plants, adding a rustic charm to your home decor.

The nested design of these trays allows for easy storage and saves space when not in use. Simply stack the trays within each other to minimize storage area.

Embrace the combination of functionality and aesthetics with our Wooden Nested Serving Trays Five Piece Set. Enjoy their eco-friendly construction, rustic appeal, and the endless possibilities they offer for serving and creative projects.