Round Shaped Wooden Tray 4 Pack 10"X1"

By Hammont

  • Introducing our Round Shaped Wooden Tray 4-pack, perfect for various occasions and uses. These trays measure 10 inches in diameter and 1 inch in height, providing ample space for setting out snacks during movie nights, leaving treats on the coffee table, or gifting chocolates to your loved ones.

    Crafted with eco-friendly materials, these wooden trays not only add a touch of natural beauty but also align with sustainable practices. The minimalist design and neutral wood finish make them suitable for any decor style, seamlessly blending with your existing furniture and surroundings.

    These versatile trays are ideal for serving an array of snacks, such as popcorn, chips, fruits, or desserts. Their raised edges help prevent spills and keep the contents securely in place. Whether you're hosting a casual gathering or simply enjoying a cozy night in, these trays provide a convenient and stylish way to display and serve your favorite treats.

    In addition to their practical use, these wooden trays also make wonderful gifts. Whether it's for a housewarming party, a birthday celebration, or a holiday occasion, they are sure to be appreciated by friends, family, or colleagues. The timeless appeal and functionality of these trays ensure they will be cherished for years to come.

    Elevate your entertaining and add a touch of eco-friendly elegance to your home with our Round Shaped Wooden Tray 4-pack. Enjoy the convenience of serving and displaying snacks in style while embracing sustainable living and enhancing your decor.