Red Plastic Bottle With Straw 12 Pack 22 Oz

By Hammont

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Introducing our Clear Plastic Bottle with Straw, available in a convenient 12-pack. These bottles are designed to hold 22 ounces of liquid and come in a vibrant red color.

The bottles are made from durable and high-quality plastic, ensuring that they are long-lasting and can withstand everyday use. The clear design allows you to easily see the contents of the bottle, making it convenient to monitor your hydration or beverage level.

Each bottle comes with a matching red straw, which adds a fun and practical element to the design. The straw is removable, allowing for easy cleaning and customization of your drinking experience.

These bottles are perfect for staying hydrated on the go, whether you're at the gym, office, school, or out for a picnic. The 22-ounce capacity provides ample space for your favorite beverages, such as water, juice, or sports drinks.

The red color adds a pop of vibrancy and style to your drinkware collection. It also makes the bottles easily identifiable, whether you're using them individually or sharing them with others.

With the 12-pack packaging, you'll have multiple bottles to use or share with family, friends, or colleagues. They are ideal for parties, events, or simply keeping a stash of refreshing drinks on hand.

Stay hydrated and enjoy your favorite beverages in style with our Clear Plastic Bottle with Straw 12-pack in a bold and eye-catching red color.