Clear Wine Bottle Gift Boxes 6 Pack With Base Lid & Ribbon Maroon 3.5X3.5 X12.75

$19.99 $28.49
By Hammont

Whether you're a professional promoting your business or attending a special occasion or looking to show off, these boxes will impress! Let your wine bottles shine with these beautiful, and durable ribbon boxes featuring a crystal clear window all around! Fill the box with wine bottles you would like to present to the guests. Perfect for any special occasion, weddings, birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, Holidays, Graduations or Thanksgiving. It gives each gift a luxury and unique appeal. Wrap your product, gift, image, memories or emotions in the Box. The top lid and base are colorful, having matching ribbon with it. SHOW OFF YOUR TREATS WITH VIEWING WINDOW The unique clear feature allows others to view your delicacies while still keeping your goodies safe. No more messy hands trying to open the boxes. Now everyone can enjoy the sight of your mouthwatering treats hands-free, and thankfully, mess-free too! HAMMONT The packaging is just as important as what is inside, especially when you want to surprise someone important. Hammont is ideal for giving away special presents. This gift box pack means you'll never run out of gift wrapping supplies again. The neat box design makes them the ideal solution for awkwardly shaped gift items. Hammont's all items are crafted using high-quality materials and attractive styles, designed to add beauty to your gifting presentation and bring a smile to your loved ones. These adorable ribbon boxes will proudly showcase your wine.