Blue Kraft Paper Bag With Window 20 Pack 7.75"X 6.25"X 3"

By Hammont

In a vibrant shade of blue, these bags are a true attention-grabber, designed to impress and delight. Crafted from eco-friendly and recyclable kraft paper, they make a stylish statement while also being kind to the planet.

Featuring a convenient window, these bags offer a sneak peek into the exciting surprises they hold within. Whether you're presenting gifts, party favors, or retail items, these bags are the perfect choice to showcase your offerings in a captivating way.

With their generous size, these bags accommodate a wide range of items, from small treasures to delectable treats. The sturdy construction ensures that your belongings remain secure and well-protected during transit or gifting.

Versatile and oh-so-chic, these Blue Kraft Paper Bags are ideal for any occasion that calls for a touch of sophistication - birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and beyond. Plus, their compact and lightweight design makes them effortlessly portable, adding convenience to their undeniable charm.

With this 20-pack measuring 7.75" x 6.25" x 3"you'll have an ample supply and spaceÊ ready to leave a lasting impression on your recipients. Get ready to make a pop with our Blue Kraft Paper Bag , and take your packaging to the next level!