Green Cookie Boxes 8 Pack of Bakery Boxes Gift Boxes with Leather Handles 5x7x3 inch

By Hammont

  • THE PERFECT GIFT: No need to break your head over getting creative, with these classy bakery boxes with a leather handle, it won't matter what contents are actually inside because the wrapping will just say it all. Our cookie boxes for gift giving have a beautiful and elegant finish with small gold buttons and a quality leather strap that will wow anyone who receives it.

  • THE SKYS THE LIMIT: This unique and attractive chocolate gift box can be filled with almost anything you can think of. Fill these cardboard boxes with donuts, muffins, cookies, mini pizzas, pies, cheeses, breads, chocolates, scented candles, bath bombs, Charcuterie accessories and anything else you can think of. Watch your loved one's excitement grow when they see the classy gift box being handed to them.

  • THINK ELEGANT: These small bakery boxes can be gifted for all occasions. Think Bridesmaid proposals, groomsmen proposals, engagement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, thank you gifts, birthday party favors or on Valentines Day.

  • DIMENSIONS AND PACKAGING: This cute and classy treat box measures 5x7x3 inches (12.7x17.7x7.6 cm) and comes with a set of 8 gift boxes. Hammont's small bakery boxes are always made of strong and durable cardboard. The little tuck flaps on top ensure that your package is delivered safely and securely.

  • ALL ABOUT EASY: Our cookie boxes with leather handles will make this gift giving season a breeze. Our gift boxes ship flat so they are easy to assemble, easy to store and easy to love. Fill these elegant boxes with any small finger foods or knickknacks, sit back and let the wrapping speak for itself.

With our premium quality cardboard gift boxes, your life has just gotten a whole lot easier. Our pastry or charcuterie box for gift giving are easy to assemble, easy to store and the best part is you don't have to spend time smoothing wrapping paper. The perfect choice for your themed gift package, you can fill these gift boxes with beauty products, breads, cheeses, chocolates, cookies and cakes. No matter what you decide to fill it with the gift boxÊ will add a touch of class to your package and the elegance will speak for itself.