Picnic Themed Gingham Napkins Tableware Pack of 160

By Hammont

These picnic paper napkins can tackle most small messes. Each set comes with 160 napkins for you and your guests to use at any family dinner, birthday party or sports party. They're great for game days, barbeques, sports-themed parties, and birthdays. These gingham napkins are great for entertaining at home and will make an excellent addition to any cocktail party or special event.

Made with quality materials and graphics that any picnic lover will love, each piece in this bundle will make your party an event to remember. It features checkered napkins that will give a lively and thrilling atmosphere in a party room or space area. Make a statement with these red and white printed napkins which are sure to complement your party dinnerware. They're disposable and affordable, much cost saving. Avoid laundry, saving water and detergent, protect the eco.


  • 160 Piece Picnic Themed Paper Napkins
  • Picnic Themed Napkins measure 6.5" x 6.5"
  • Red and white colors
  • Ideal for any tailgate party, picnic party, birthday party and family dinner

    When fun days goodies get a little messy, turn to these Picnic-Themed napkin. Keep some on hand at your Birthday party and be sure to take some on the road for all of your tailgating events.