Apple Paper Treat Box Party Decor 6.25x3.75x3.5 Inches 20 Pack

By Hammont

Indulge in a taste of nature with our Easy Assemble Apple-themed Paper Treat Boxes! This pack includes 20 delightful treat boxes, each measuring 6.25" in width, 3.75" in depth, and 3.5" in height.

Embrace the charm of apple orchards and orchard-inspired celebrations with these adorable treat boxes. The apple-themed design features vibrant reds, crisp greens, and a whimsical apple pattern, instantly bringing a touch of freshness to your event. Whether you're hosting a fall festival, a teacher appreciation day, or a farm-themed party, these treat boxes are the perfect addition.

Assembly is a breeze with these easy-to-assemble paper treat boxes. Simply fold along the provided lines, secure the tabs, and in no time, you'll have sturdy and attractive boxes ready to be filled with treats. They're ideal for cookies, candies, small gifts, or any delightful surprises you have in mind.

The apple-themed design not only adds a delightful visual element to your event but also creates a whimsical atmosphere. These treat boxes can be used as party favors, gift boxes, or even as decorative accents on your dessert table. They're versatile and sure to impress your guests.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a harvest festival, or a teacher's appreciation day, our Easy Assemble Apple-themed Paper Treat Boxes are the perfect choice. Order your 20-pack today and infuse your event with the fresh and delightful spirit of apple orchards. Get ready to surprise and delight your guests with these charming treat boxes!