Elegent Chanuka Party Favor Treat Boxes 6.25x3.75x3.5 Inches 20 Pack

By Hammont

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at chanukah parties.

MAKE THEM GLOW: Watch your little ones smile grow as they see these colorful, vibrant and kid friendly treat boxes. Use them as party favors at their themed birthday parties and make them feel like the life of the party. Fill them with candies, chocolates, cupcakes, dog treats, prizes or small toys.

ALL ABOUT EASY: These convenient 4 step fold candy boxes are easy to assemble, easy to store and easy to love. The boxes ship flat so you can be organized, buy them ahead of time and store them until your ready to use them.

QUALITY MATERIAL: This 20-pack set of treat boxes are strong and durable, the flaps tuck into the little loops perfectly ensuring that your goodies are secure inside even while delivering as a package. When open the box measures 6.25x3.75x3.5 Inches (16X9.5x9 cm)

FUN AND FUNCTIONAL: Aside from the fun and exciting colors and themes, these boxes hold a generous number of snacks or sweets and will enhance your party decor no matter what's inside. Finish the look with these savory and reusable treat boxes and enjoy your party that much more.



So, you were trying to be organized and bought all your party paraphernalia ahead of time, but oh, where to store everything in the meantime? With Hammonts cute and convenient treat boxes you won't have to worry because these little gift boxes ship flat and you can easily assemble them right before you need them. These themed treat boxes are the perfect choice to enhance your party decor or give out as party favors. Fill these quality treat boxes with candies, chocolates, cupcakes, dog treats, prizes or small toys. Regardless of what's inside these fun and exciting treat boxes are sure to impress all of your friends and recipients.