Paper Treat Boxes Doctor/Nurse 20 Pack S 6.25" X 3.75" X 3.5"

By Hammont

  • Introducing our Paper Treat Boxes in a pack of 20, designed with a Doctor/Nurse theme. These treat boxes are perfect for various occasions related to the medical field, making them an ideal choice for med school graduation gifts, expressing gratitude to doctors or nurses, sending get well wishes, or creating hospital care packages.

    Measuring 6.25" x 3.75" x 3.5", these treat boxes are compact yet spacious enough to hold a variety of treats, small gifts, or essentials. They feature a delightful Doctor/Nurse theme, with vibrant colors and charming illustrations that resonate with the medical profession.

    These Doctor/Nurse-themed treat boxes are a thoughtful way to celebrate a med school graduate's accomplishment or express appreciation to healthcare professionals. You can fill them with goodies, snacks, or small gifts to create a personalized and heartfelt gift. They also make excellent get well gifts, bringing a touch of cheer to someone's recovery journey.

    Additionally, these treat boxes are ideal for assembling hospital care packages. Whether you're sending well wishes to a loved one or supporting a patient during their hospital stay, these boxes provide a practical and uplifting solution. Fill them with comforting items like small toiletries, puzzle books, cozy socks, or other items that can brighten someone's day.

    Crafted from high-quality paper, these treat boxes are sturdy and durable, ensuring that the contents remain secure. They feature a simple fold-and-tab closure, making it easy to assemble and seal the boxes. The compact size allows for convenient transportation and storage.

    These Doctor/Nurse-themed treat boxes offer versatility and customization options. You can further personalize them by adding stickers, ribbons, or custom labels to create a unique and memorable presentation.

    Celebrate the achievements of medical professionals, show appreciation to doctors or nurses, or uplift someone's spirits during their recovery journey with our Doctor/Nurse-themed Paper Treat Boxes. Make your gifts or care packages extra special with these delightful and functional boxes.

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