Tall Paper Boxes With Window Blue 8X5.5X2.5 Gift Boxes 16 Pack

By Hammont

  • MAKE IT TALL Hammonts tall and spacious slanted boxes are perfect for wrapping cupcakes, delicate candles, and other gifts with elegant tops. These boxes securely pack any gift you like.
  • MADE TO TRAVEL These boxes are designed to go. The pyramid shape of the top snugly holds your gift without touching or damaging the contents inside, even when you are on the move. The compact box can easily fit inside a regular-size handbag for easy carry.
  • CLEAR TO SEE The cleverly placed transparent PET films on the box tease the recipients with what's inside. Let your guests check out their favors or your customers take in the beauty of your cupcakes. Hammont slant gift boxes are designed in a way to showcase your packaged goodies in all their glory.
  • FOIL STAMPED The beautiful gold stamp design, makes these boxes look so elegant, and stunning!
  • MANY USES Hammont slanted gift boxes are food-safe. So, you can store anything from cupcakes for your store to party favors for your guests to wedding presents for your friends.