4 Square Shaped Clear Boxes With Square Tray Black 5.4" X 5.45" X 1.2" Pack of 12

By Hammont

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  • Presenting our Clear Plastic Gift Boxes, the perfect solution for stylishly gifting treats and showing appreciation with hostess gifts. These square-shaped clear boxes come with a convenient square tray and are elegantly designed in a sleek black color. Measuring at 5.4" x 5.45" x 1.2", they offer a compact and sophisticated packaging solution.

    With their transparent design, these Clear Plastic Gift Boxes allow the recipients to marvel at the delectable treats or thoughtful gifts within. The clear construction provides a captivating view, enhancing the anticipation and joy of opening the box. It also allows your treats to be showcased beautifully, adding an extra touch of allure to your presentation.

    The inclusion of the square tray adds a layer of convenience and elegance. It provides a secure base for arranging and displaying your treats, ensuring they stay in place during transport. Whether it's homemade cookies, gourmet chocolates, or other delightful confections, these boxes are perfectly sized to accommodate your chosen goodies.

    Designed with attention to detail, our Clear Plastic Gift Boxes offer both style and practicality. The sleek black color exudes sophistication, making them a versatile choice for any occasion. Whether you're attending a dinner party, a holiday gathering, or a special event, these boxes are ideal for expressing gratitude to your hostess or delighting your loved ones with delectable treats.

    These Clear Plastic Gift Boxes are not just packaging; they are an extension of your thoughtfulness and appreciation. Their elegant design and functional features make them a perfect choice for creating memorable moments and leaving a lasting impression.

    Choose our Clear Plastic Gift Boxes for an impeccable packaging solution that will make your treats and hostess gifts truly stand out. Order now and elevate your gifting experience with these stylish and practical boxes.

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