Candy Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes 12 Pack 3.44"X2.69"X2.2"

By Hammont

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Experience the charm of a candy store right at home with our Candy Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes. This set of 12 delightful candy boxes brings the whimsy and nostalgia of a candy shop to your fingertips.

Measuring at 3.44 inches in width, 2.69 inches in length, and 2.2 inches in height, these candy boxes are perfectly sized to hold an assortment of sweet treats or small surprises. What sets them apart are the incredible true-to-life details that make them resemble miniature candy store displays.

Each candy box features a functional hinge lid, allowing you to open and close it with ease. The lid not only adds a touch of authenticity but also keeps your candies fresh and protected. And that's not all! These candy boxes even come with a mini scooper, just like the ones you find in real candy stores, making the experience even more immersive and fun.

With their vibrant colors and attention to detail, these candy boxes are not only practical but also make for eye-catching decorations. Use them as party favors, table centerpieces, or even as decorative accents in a candy-themed room. The possibilities are endless!

Indulge your sweet tooth and relish in the delightful world of candies with our Candy Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes. Order this set of 12 today and savor the joy of having your very own candy store experience. Let these charming candy boxes bring a touch of nostalgia and sweetness to your life.