What good is anything if it can’t be shared? Our family company, Hammont, was founded to spread good feelings. The more we share the big things (Its always someone’s birthday today! ) And the little things (just a little treat because I was thinking of you.) The more we build connection. And that- is founder Isaac Link's Inspiration for Hammont. To provide premium packaging at the perfect price point for those precious gifts. So together, we can celebrate the big and little moments, beautifully. Because there is nothing more important than sharing with the people we love.

Enjoy browsing and thank you for making us a part of your gifting moments. For us it is all about the details. In every product it is the thought that counts, for the people that matter the most. That’s why our favorite part of Hammont is bringing you quality and innovation. We are always working on something new, special for you. Consider it our gift!  So you, can make them go WOW! Every time. And keep those good feelings going, because who doesn’t love getting a present!?