Torah Candy Boxes 18 Pack 4.5" X 3.75" X 2.25"

SKU: CB-59-Torah
By Hammont

Introducing our Torah Candy Boxes, available in a convenient 18-pack size. Each box measures 4.5 inches by 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches, making them perfect for holding candies or small treats during Simchas Torah or Chumash parties.

Whether you're hosting a Simchas Torah event, a Chumash party, or any other Jewish occasion, these candy boxes are a delightful addition. They can be filled with various types of candies, chocolates, or treats, making them a sweet and enjoyable surprise for your guests.

The compact size of the boxes makes them easy to distribute and carry around. They are also lightweight and durable, ensuring that your candies stay secure and protected throughout the event.

Additionally, these Torah candy boxes can serve as charming party favors or gifts for your guests. You can personalize them with ribbons, tags, or custom labels to add a personal touch and make them even more special.

Choose our Torah Candy Boxes 18-pack for a meaningful and festive addition to your Simchas Torah or Chumash parties. Celebrate Jewish traditions with these specially designed candy boxes that embody the beauty and significance of the Torah.