Paper Treat Boxes 20 Pack 6.25" X 3.75" X 3.5" Happy Birthday

By Hammont

Introducing our Paper Treat Boxes in a pack of 20, perfect for celebrating birthdays of any age. These treat boxes feature a colorful and festive "Happy Birthday" design that is gender-neutral, making them suitable for anyone's special day.

Measuring 6.25" x 3.75" x 3.5", these treat boxes are just the right size for holding a variety of treats, candies, or small gifts. Whether you're hosting a children's birthday party, a milestone celebration, or a surprise party for a loved one, these treat boxes are a fantastic choice.

The "Happy Birthday" design on these treat boxes is vibrant and eye-catching. It features balloons, confetti, and a cheerful message, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere for the birthday celebration. The gender-neutral design ensures that they can be used for both boys and girls, as well as adults of any age.

These treat boxes are not only great for holding delicious goodies but also serve as delightful party favors. Fill them with candies, small toys, or personalized trinkets to thank your guests for joining in the celebration. They can also be used as table decorations or centerpieces, adding a colorful touch to your birthday party setup.

Crafted from high-quality paper, these treat boxes are sturdy and durable. They are easy to assemble with a fold-and-tab closure, allowing you to quickly prepare them for your event. The compact size makes them convenient for guests to carry home or enjoy treats on the spot.

With this pack of 20 treat boxes, you'll have plenty to share with your guests and ensure everyone feels special on their birthday. They are versatile, fun, and suitable for birthdays of any age, from kids to adults.

Celebrate birthdays in style with our "Happy Birthday" Paper Treat Boxes. Add a touch of joy and excitement to your party with these vibrant and gender-neutral treat boxes. Make your loved ones' birthdays even more memorable by presenting them with delicious treats or surprise party favors. Get ready to create unforgettable birthday moments with these delightful treat boxes.

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